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George Foreman GP160A Outdoor Portable Propane Grill

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George Foreman GP-160A

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- George Foreman GP160A Outdoor Portable Propane Grill
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Customer Buzz
 "This grill is a neccessity for camping!" 2006-11-05
By Chad M. Caldwell
If you want to go camping, get this grill!

A few years ago, my wife and I went on a two-week camping vacation in a tent from South Carolina up through Maine. We had seen this grill in a Target store (only one Target that we've ever seen actually has it) and decided to get it - best decision on the entire trip! This grill is next to impossible to find in a brick-and-mortar store, so if you want it, this is probably the only place to get it now.

Anyway, we used this grill for absolutely everything! It is fairly easy to set up and get going, and heats up quickly. We loved the grill and griddle features. We even boiled water by placing a pot of water onto the griddle section - amazing. Here are the items we cooked (as far as I can remember): steaks, corn, beans, pancakes, eggs (all different ways), hot chocolate, grits, grilled sandwiches, etc. This grill does it all! We loved getting up early in the morning, making a hot breakfast right beside the tent, and going exploring or just relaxing. Clean-up was simple, and this is the only grill I've seen where the grease tray actually attaches (wish it did on my in-home George Foremans!) so it doesn't get knocked over or moved around.

Everything fits into the case which can be used as a small table - this actually turned out to be very handy, as it allowed us to keep our supplies off the ground or the dirty picnic tables. It is easy to cary with the handle, and sets up quickly.

As far as the fuel goes, you have to leave the fuel bottle leaning diagonally to fit onto the valve, unless you have a propane bottle that is only three inches high. This would definitely not work with a large cylinder of propane, as ours were only about 8 inches tall (standard size) and couldn't fit underneath to sit flat. Perhaps you could rig it up with a hose, but I really can't recommend that because it would be a safety issue. This is my only issue with the grill, and the many benefits outweigh this small problem.

Final word: perfect for a small family that is camping out. I wouldn't recommend it for in-home use, of course, and it isn't large enough for more than about 4 servings of food. Take along an extra pot or so, and you can use it for every cooking need that you have on the trip. I don't know about the rest of the US, but I've only seen it in the one store, and that was years ago - if you want it, you better get it here.

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